Saturday, August 28, 2010

What RxH did on his summer vacation...

Returning from breezy San Diego as soon as we stepped off the plane in Narita , the hot humid air hit us like a wall of sweaty fudge. Summer had come to Japan in full effect in our short absence. This August has been one of the hottest and muggiest in recent memory. In Japan the traditional summer festival of O-Bon is when most people leave Tokyo to return to their hometown and honor their relatives. Business for most practical purposes grinds to a halt. Sales are slow. People stay in to beat the heat.... but not Real x Head. Heading out on his trusty bicycle to see the master painter Goto-san almost daily - Mori has been produced a cornucopia of old school style micro-releases with something new going on sale at Shinto Gangu - the Real x Head store in Aoto - almost every day this month. Pictures have been trickling out over twitter and flickr, but we wanted to gather together pix of many of these releases for this blog post and soon we will put a proper archive of this batch of timeless classics.

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