Tuesday, September 21, 2010


This past weekend some copper-y colored fiends dropped at Shinto Gangu. Perhaps we can call this the Evil Energizer Series?

We also figured out how Mori can post pictures directly to the blog! Straight out of Aoto indeed!

Matt from Onell Design will be in town from tomorrow. We will all be jamming madness for future insanity. Keep your eyes open!

Also we are on track to open the store during the first week of October. We will keep you posted!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Mirock Toys x Real x Head x Onell Design

Kirkland Jue - one of our favorite toy reporters - broke news of this exciting project on his blog a couple of days ago. Toybot Studios is a MUST READ blog for anyone who likes cool Japanese vinyl toys and wants the inside scoop.

Mirock Toys - which is run by world-class sculptor Yowohei Kaneko - has been collaborating with Real x Head since the beginning of this year. His versions of the classic Mutant Zone characters: Head, Evil and Chaosman - sculpted in wood then cast in vinyl  - debuted at San Diego Comic-con and almost stole the show. He now turns his considerable talents to Pheyaos - the mutated crossover character that Mori created with Matt Doughty of Onell Design. A crazy melding of Chaos and Pheyden - now is getting one step crazier with this re-imagining by Mirock.

You can see more in process shots of this sculpt, his previous collaborations with RxH and his other projects on the Mirock Blog 

Watch this space for further developments !

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Taking it to the streets - Beat 3 in Asakusa

This past Sunday, on the sundrenched streets of the Asakusa historical district there was a small little festival called Beat 3. There was a small musical stage set up in a temple and art stalls on the street. The locals and tourists alike ogled at the strange vinyl monsters and other strange and crafty treasures on offer.

Nestled among the stalls with popular character artist UAMOU, a fresh young Akiba idol named Nemu-chan, and Ms. Ya-ko, a self proclaimed maker of Handmade dolls and Kitsch goods who looked like a doll herself; was our man Mori Katsura - always on the lookout for new markets and new customers. The regular Real x Head crew all came out and new fans were made as the day went on.

There was something for everyone inluding a fresh new batch of baby fortune cats that all looked resplendent in the summer sun;  clear green vinyl with green sprays and multi-colored heavy lame plus 3 stylish dyed versions by "rainbow Master" Shef in traditional Japanese  hues. There was also a new large sized Fortune Cat, and even a secret Chaos release.

As an added bonus there was the new Billiken-styled Angel and Devil finger puppets from Pop Soda, a freaky new Baby Eel Cat by Altr Tokyo and a bone-colored Honesuke from Gaikotsu Shokai (the new joint label by Real x Head and Skulltoys).

Lots more pictures over at the Flickr Set.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

NEW Real x Head U.S.A. Forum

BIG NEWS! The kind folks over at October Toys have given Real x Head U.S.A. our own little forum in their uber-friendly Toy Community. George and Ayleen the self-described "creative misfits" who own October Toys have a lifetime of experience collecting toys and two decades combined experience working in the toy industry. In addition to creating GWINS and the popular Z.O.M.B.I.E. line - their ground-breaking podcast Toy Break is Must See -TV

About the forum - there are 2 sections- the first is Real x Head toys - where ya'll can discuss the latest releases and pick the brains of RxH old-timers about the rich pantheon of Real x Head toys. See if you can stump Sigmund - the forum administrator and self-proclaimed RxH "know-it-all".

We are really excited about the second section which is called the Mutation Zone. We would love to see what all you creative folks out there come up with when you interact with the Real x Head universe. Customs of existing figures are of course are welcome in this category, but what we would really like to see is original art, concepts and stories. Everyone has a "universe" in their mind (some of you have a more than one I am sure). We have seen what Chaos looks like in the Glyo-verse and when cross-bred with Pheyden. What does Chaos look like in your universe??? What if Mutant Clone Evil fought Snake-Eyes??? What if Hone Borg really was one of the ST-TNG BORG? Go crazy! Play Nice!


Saturday, September 4, 2010

BattleGrip.com is one of the best toy review blogs out there. Phil Reed - the man behind it - writes thoughtful reviews of everything from commercial action figures to independent resin and vinyl toys with a smattering  of old cereal commercials thrown in for good measure. We recommend you start everyday with a healthy bowl of Battlegrip!
Check out his in-depth reviews of Chaos Q Bean (review here),  Pheyaos (review here and second review here), Pheyaos Man (review here), Mini-Pheyden (review here), Mini-Scar Pheyden (review here), and Mohican Hone-Borg (review here).

Friday, September 3, 2010

Lulubell Toy Bodega reduces pricing on Real x Head

The good folks over at Lulubell Toy Bodega have permanently reduced pricing on Real x Head across the board to be more in line with Japanese retail!
Lulubell says: Mori has a true love & passion for his art.  We have a special appreciation, gratitude and respect for Mori, and when we stand behind someone, it is because of that belief in the people behind the product, not solely the product itself.  Yes, the product must be a high quality, but it is high quality people and ethics that make that possible. And by lowering prices, we hope to be able to give more people the ability to appreciate what we do about Real x Head.  RHND!
Free shipping on orders over $100!

Check out their entire Real x Head line up!
These classic releases available now!
King Waru Bone Black
Hone Borg Silver

Evil Bat - Metallic Green Rub

Mutant Zone Series 3
Kaizer Head


Mini Jinja R

Mini Mutant Head - Pink

Mini Organ Bat - Pink

Shonen Borg (Mini)

Mutant Zone Series 1
Mutant Chaos - Brown Magic


Mutant Zone Series 1
Mutant Bigaro - Pearl red


Mutant Zone Series 1
Mutant Bigaro - Yellow/Blue


 Clear w/ Red, Silver & Black

Real x Head Series
 Mutant Head - Bronze

Chaosman Series
Chaosman #1 - Clear


Chaosman Series Crossover Corps releases at Shinto Gangu

The heat in Tokyo shows no signs of abating. At Shinto Gangu, the Crossover Corpsmen from the Chaosman Series keep on coming. Many of these are on GID vinyl - all of them are bad-ass.

 I think I want this army on my side.
Biter Man - RxH x Paul Kaiju
Necromon - RxH x L'amour Supreme
Cy'Os - RxH x fig-lab
Callgrim - RxH x Rawshark Studios
Chaosman #2 - pure Real x Head
Devil-ish Necromon - RxH x L'amour Supreme

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Welcome to the Official Real x Head U.S.A. website!

Real x Head is launching this website to reach out and connect with its fans in the States and all over the rest of the world. This website will be the place to find inside information, explore character stories from the Mutant Zone, preview exciting collaborations and pick-up exclusive web-only releases!

This is our way to try and say to all you old-timers -  "Thank You for all your support over the years!"  and as a way to initiate a new generation of fans - "Welcome Aboard!"

Big thanks to our pals at Onell Design who are helping out with logistics on the U.S. side of things. Matt and Marcus you guys are the best in more ways than we can enumerate. Also a special shout out to WTFunks for letting us slice and dice his beautiful photographs for the site header. Yo!

So much more to come!