Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Taking it to the streets - Beat 3 in Asakusa

This past Sunday, on the sundrenched streets of the Asakusa historical district there was a small little festival called Beat 3. There was a small musical stage set up in a temple and art stalls on the street. The locals and tourists alike ogled at the strange vinyl monsters and other strange and crafty treasures on offer.

Nestled among the stalls with popular character artist UAMOU, a fresh young Akiba idol named Nemu-chan, and Ms. Ya-ko, a self proclaimed maker of Handmade dolls and Kitsch goods who looked like a doll herself; was our man Mori Katsura - always on the lookout for new markets and new customers. The regular Real x Head crew all came out and new fans were made as the day went on.

There was something for everyone inluding a fresh new batch of baby fortune cats that all looked resplendent in the summer sun;  clear green vinyl with green sprays and multi-colored heavy lame plus 3 stylish dyed versions by "rainbow Master" Shef in traditional Japanese  hues. There was also a new large sized Fortune Cat, and even a secret Chaos release.

As an added bonus there was the new Billiken-styled Angel and Devil finger puppets from Pop Soda, a freaky new Baby Eel Cat by Altr Tokyo and a bone-colored Honesuke from Gaikotsu Shokai (the new joint label by Real x Head and Skulltoys).

Lots more pictures over at the Flickr Set.

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Luke said...

Baby Eel Cat?!?

Will they be available anywhere in the US?