Friday, September 3, 2010

Chaosman Series Crossover Corps releases at Shinto Gangu

The heat in Tokyo shows no signs of abating. At Shinto Gangu, the Crossover Corpsmen from the Chaosman Series keep on coming. Many of these are on GID vinyl - all of them are bad-ass.

 I think I want this army on my side.
Biter Man - RxH x Paul Kaiju
Necromon - RxH x L'amour Supreme
Cy'Os - RxH x fig-lab
Callgrim - RxH x Rawshark Studios
Chaosman #2 - pure Real x Head
Devil-ish Necromon - RxH x L'amour Supreme


Psionic said...

Man, really really want one of those Biter Man - RxH x Paul Kaiju. Especially dig the yellow one posted here. Please, please, please put some of these awesome figure up for sale here! Chaosman #2 is a must have as well! RHND!!

krakit said...

The Cy'Os - RxH x fig-lab
figure is awesome!!