Wednesday, September 8, 2010

NEW Real x Head U.S.A. Forum

BIG NEWS! The kind folks over at October Toys have given Real x Head U.S.A. our own little forum in their uber-friendly Toy Community. George and Ayleen the self-described "creative misfits" who own October Toys have a lifetime of experience collecting toys and two decades combined experience working in the toy industry. In addition to creating GWINS and the popular Z.O.M.B.I.E. line - their ground-breaking podcast Toy Break is Must See -TV

About the forum - there are 2 sections- the first is Real x Head toys - where ya'll can discuss the latest releases and pick the brains of RxH old-timers about the rich pantheon of Real x Head toys. See if you can stump Sigmund - the forum administrator and self-proclaimed RxH "know-it-all".

We are really excited about the second section which is called the Mutation Zone. We would love to see what all you creative folks out there come up with when you interact with the Real x Head universe. Customs of existing figures are of course are welcome in this category, but what we would really like to see is original art, concepts and stories. Everyone has a "universe" in their mind (some of you have a more than one I am sure). We have seen what Chaos looks like in the Glyo-verse and when cross-bred with Pheyden. What does Chaos look like in your universe??? What if Mutant Clone Evil fought Snake-Eyes??? What if Hone Borg really was one of the ST-TNG BORG? Go crazy! Play Nice!


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