Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Chaos Trooper

P1030260 by datadub
P1030260, a photo by datadub on Flickr.
A new adult-size RealxHead figure has landed. The Chaos Trooper in full force!


eatyourchildren said...

Sale details?

Pj said...

this is great! Id also like to know the sale details?

Psionic said...

Oh my God!! Super-dope...I need one of these...like now. :)

I'm loving the Onell Designs "Travelers" inspired body...with phase-arm attachment and everything.

RealxHead rules!!

Smack6102 said...

Oh man please tell me we can get one of these!1 Also waiting for the nibblers to drop!

James Chillcott said...

Would love to see some really innovative colorways on this!!!