Saturday, July 9, 2011

Chaos Troopers Invasion

The most exciting figure released from Real x Head this year is hands-down the Chaos Trooper. Inspired by figures from the ground-breaking CHAOS INVASION Custom Corps by Matt Doughty of Onell Design, the figure incorporates many Glyos inspired references in the sculpt.

While Mori has been "working the mold" pretty hard with a slew of Micro-releases in Japan, the time has  now come for an On-Demand release of the Chaos Trooper from RealxHead U.S.A. Once again the pre-order will be open for 1 week starting at 9pm PST July 10 and closing at 9pm July 17. This time around the figures will be priced to include shipping and will ship worldwide directly from Japan. More details to come tomorrow evening.

To celebrate the world-wide Chaos Trooper Invasion, we asked Wunderkind illustrator Ralph Niese to create this special work of art for us. Looks like the cover of a very cool comic.

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