Friday, October 29, 2010

Q & A with Mori Katsura

(thanks for all the questions - we didn't get to them all but we will do this again. - d'dub)
Why open a Real x Head
In the 2 and half years since, I opened my own store in Japan, I have come to really enjoy being able to meet  and talk with my customers face-to-face. Many of my customers are now friends and some are even collaborators. Going to Comic-con this past couple of years, I have also enjoyed meeting my international fans and wanted a way to be able to bein touch more directly with them like I do my Japanese customers. I am hoping that the Real x Head U.S.A site will be one way to do that.

And even though my store is far away from central Tokyo, I have many regulars who come every week. Since people take the time to come I want to make sure that there is always a surprise, something new for them to buy. That has been the motivation behind the micro-runs of in-store exclusives. Its my way of showing appreciation for  loyal customers. And in a similar way I want to do the same thing for the international Real x Head community. And though everyone is spread out all over the world I am hoping that the website will make this possible.

So the site will mostly offer “in-store” exclusives that can only be purchase at Shinto Gangu online. It is my way to show my appreciation for my international fans. Not everybody will always be able to buy everything but we hope to put up new figures often enough that everyone will get a chance to buy something unique. It will take some time to figure out the best way to replicate the in-store experience so bear with us.

blakewest said...Mori has that great big Daruma behind him in the store photo. What is Mori's goal or wish for the Daruma? Is he still working on it, or has the other eye been filled in since the picture was taken?

I have always loved Engimono (縁起物) - traditional Japanese lucky items - so that large daruma was a present from a customer when I opened the shop. Its thought that these objects make for a happy and inviting space. I doubt I will ever draw in the other eye as it is an ongoing endeavor to make shinto gangu a great store.

Abe Lincoln Jr. said...As far as the new full-size series what is it called? Is the new guy inspired by Kamen Rider? Are there new characters in the works besides him?

The large series is called the Chaosman Series. Its influenced by my love of classic Japanese heroes - my favorite of course being Kamen Rider and others created by Ishinomori. I am happy by how well the line has been received - I really enjoyed collaborating on the Crossover series figures released at Comic-con this year. I will keep making characters in the series, next up are some villains. I will also be making more new figures in the same size.

Robert said... Will you create a Mutant Zone 4 series?
Actually Next Man is the first figure in the Mutant Zone 4 series. More to come!

joe said... who did mutant head fight when he lost the top bit of his ear?
Mutant Head lost his ear in a fight with Mutant Clone Evil - who is a clone of Mutant Head created by Akro Kaizer to kill Mutant Head. Afer the battle they eventually became allies in the fight against Akro Kaizer. L’amour Supreme did and amazing painting of this fight a few years ago.

When will the store go online? : )
The first wave of figures will go online Friday, October 29 at 10pm EST. More details later today.

Whats with all the Mohawks?
Mohawks are cool!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for that. As a UK RxH fan with no internet at home at the moment i will probably miss out on all the really cool stuff, i just hope it doesn't all get sold after the first few hours of the site opening!