Saturday, March 12, 2011

RHNDS! pt. 1

I was actually in the middle of writing this blog post when the big one struck. While things are slowly coming back to normal here in Tokyo, the disaster up north continues to unfold. The new Real x Head shop was to open on this coming Sunday but this has been postponed. Mori and family are fine,  he has been to the shop and things were in relatively good order. We will keep you posted on when the new shop opens and have full coverage of course.
You may have read rumors about a second Real x Head store out there on the internets - so its about  time to address it hear. For about a year now Mori has been doing a local radio show (see previous post) The Katsushika Nights show has built a loyal local following. (Radio Not! Dead) So to cater to this new fan base that is not particularly interested in Kaiju as much as Mori's unique take on Japanese culture and iconography, Real x Head is opening a new shop called REALHEADS. Still in Aoto, this new shop will be aiming for more broad based appeal focusing on t-shirts, small soft vinyl figures and other knick-knacks.

We will have full coverage of the shop opening that will happen this Sunday at 1:30pm. In the meantime I thought it would be cool to do a quick retrospective of past RxH t-shirts. Before jumping into the toy biz Mori  ran a small T-shirt business - but the iconography seems to have been in place from day one.

from June 2004 - OLD SCHOOL!
The older shirts even came with Header Cards?
Hiro shows off a score at the Super7 store back in the day.
Scanned from the Kai-Zine RxH retrospective -
you can see the fronts and backs.
Kai-zine also offered up their own
exclusive RxH t-shirt in the same issue.
while not technically an official RxH shirt - several key characters feature prominently on this masterpiece by L'amour Supreme
for the 2008 Kaiju Invades NYC exhibition
L'amour Supreme having a bad head day...
Another L'amour creation was this Hone Borg bandanna
 that also made it onto a few T-shirts as well.
who is that masked man???
Originally created as a piece of art for the 2007 RxH retrospective at Ichibanboshi, this Rock'n'Roll Over inspired design was featured on a t-shirt that came with a matching set of Mutant Minis from Toy Tokyo.

There are more T-shirts design to come so stay tuned!


ziritt said...

Those tees are great!!!

Anonymous said...

Great to hear Mori and family are fine. Thanks for the t-shirt post - very interesting!