Monday, March 28, 2011

RHNDS pt. 2 - RxH T-shirt History

Mori announced the re-scheduled opening date for the new REALHEADS shop. The shop will be opening this Sunday, April 3. So to celebrate let's continue the parade of Real x Head T-shirts of yesteryear.

First up is yet another collab with the Wunderkind of Weird - L'amour Supreme. Released as a collab set  in 2007 that featured an original silk screen plexiglass painting of the legendary battle between Mutant Head and Clone Mutant Evil; a set of GID Head and Evil figures (available in blood-spattered or clean versions) and this funky T-shirt of Mutant Hands giving a "Gang Sign".

The summer of 2009 saw the "After School Event" which opened an new era of Real x Head collaborating with Japanese artists. While a lot of these collaborations have resulted in figures, in 2010 there were a few T-shirt collaborations as well.

At Superfestival in April 2010, two Tokyo-based design powerhouses - Art Denka and Goccodo - released a series of RxH collab T-shirts
Art Denka (L) & Goccodo (R)
Art Denka's "Here is the Hell of Mutant" Design

Goccodo's "Fortune Maria" design

Goccodo's "Fortune Drive" design

At the same event  the Shibamata based boutique ALtr Tokyo released a new collab T-shirt design that has been released in a nice array of colors.

This past October there was a "Katsushika Nights" T-shirt release event at Shinto Gangu, a foreshadowing of the opening of the REALHEADS T-shirt shop.
I will try to squeeze in one more post this week - featuring some of the upcoming REALHEADS T-shirt designs and we will have full coverage of the launch event.

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