Friday, December 24, 2010

Poison (Shin) Apt. - Viper Villa

Standing amidst the smoking rubble of the Poison Apartments of Viper Villa, clothed only in newspaper and fruit wrappers are our four defiant Makers.
Room 101 - The Lone Wolf from Cord Viper - Big Brother Kyuni.
Room 102 - The Stylish Skeleton Man from Skulltoys - Takeuchi
Room 103 - The Full Tilt Cat from Shigaraki - Atom A. (Armwrestler)
Room 104 - The Mohican Dude of  Katsushika - Mori Katsura

This Sunday, December 26th, at noon a special event will be held at Shinto Gangu in Aoto. 
Gathering together these 4 artists of the Shinto Tribe - all will be offering exclusive and exciting releases.
Stay tuned for updates!

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