Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Rainbow Minis Are Go!

In the store now! Refresh!

**UPDATE** We thought we had plenty of these to go around but you guys are animals. Still a few left but we have engaged the LOW STOCK protocol.

**UPDATE** Shef Minis are gone, thanks everyone! A few Fortune Cats remain!


DonaldHelloStudio said...

Still 9 1/2 hours later they are still left! Just snagged one WHOOP, WHOOP!

Virtus said...

Awesome releases. The real surprise was the full metal split mutant head

Luke said...

Someday you gotta do an all-Fortune Cat release...even though they don't seem as popular here in the States as the rest of the RxH crew.

ersico said...

got my little yellow guy....hes awesome...i love this clear...and that was SUPER FAST!!!!! thanks so much