Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Shef - "The Rainbow Master"

Shef - who releases under the name "Cha-iro Brown" - has been literally dipping into the Soft Vinyl scene for the last couple of years. Known for his unbelievably even hand-dyed vinyl he has applied his craft to releases from the like of BlobPus, Itokin Park, Refreshment, Uamou and Real x Head. At last months Design Festa he had a tidy display of his handiwork to date and it was quite impressive. A personal favorite is his series of fortune cat babies with the Chinese character (夢) which means "dream" in silver. They look incredibly gorgeous all lined up - Shef's hand dyes are so clear and clean.

At the last Superfestival - Shef went gonzo on a large batch of Real x Head minis. Three different styles each of Mutant Head, Mutant Evil and Mutant Chaos that were sold blind bag.

And now (finally) is your chance to get your hands on some of these little jewel-like treasures. Like at the SuperFestival we will be selling them blind-bagged - and even though the yen is kicking our ass - we are offering them for $32 a piece (limit 2 per customer.)

These little beauties will be in the Shinto Gangu Online Store at 9pm Wednesday Night EST (heads-up - we will be using a paypal shopping cart this time.)

To see bigger versions of these pictures of the minis in front of a Tokyo sunset check out this post at Toybot Studios